As a training centre for equestrian athletes and sports horses, the Centre Hippique Anémo travels annually to competition circuits in Quebec, Ontario and the United States. Mainly from March to mid-November, the Anémo team competes in gold-level show jumping competitions, that is to say events of provincial to international scale.

The centre is represented by its compétition team, its horse team, as well as its coach and rider, Maude Boulanger-Bouchard.

Several competition options are available to riders wishing to compete: from boarding splits to the rental of competition horses. Contact us  for more information.

fbfpi_320c4b56a5b258131f644ddd01a7b2a5Check out our competition schedule to come and see and encourage our team in action.IMG_0130

Here is a brief explanation of the three show jumping disciplines:


The team rider / horse evolves on an obstacle course which resembles the natural obstacles met while hunting with hounds. Only the horse is judged on the jump technique, the pace, the beauty and regularity, but the rider must accomplish a perfect course to optimize the score.


Equitation consists of a flat phase and an obstacle phase similar to a hunting course with additional technical difficulties. Only the rider is judged on his or her academic position as well as his efficiency in addressing technical difficulties, and on his ability to team up and communicate with his horse.



The rider and the horse must have perfectly completed a circuit composed of very colorful obstacles. To win the event, the duo must be the fastest with the fewest penalty points


1st disobedience: 4 points

2nd disobedience: elimination

Bar knocked down or overturned obstacle: 4 points

Exceeding the allotted time on the course: 1 penalty point for every 4 seconds exceeding the allotted time.

What is the (barrage) jump-off ? It relates to a 2nd eliminatory round, when two or more horse-rider teams have managed a perfect performance. The winner is the horse-rider team that finishes the course the fastest with the least penalty points. During this second round, the number of obstacles is reduced.


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