Competition Team

The Centre Hippique Anémo competition team is made up of a little over 20 riders of all ages, partaking in the national circuits of Quebec and Ontario, the provincials, nationals and internationals as well as a few competitions in the United States.

Representing an example of camaraderie and solidarity, the group of athletes at C.H. Anemo promote the true nature of sportsmanship essential to the optimal development of each rider. In both training and performance, each student has his or her own individualized program, supported by the center’s trainers, Maude Boulanger-Bouchard and her team.

The Centre Hippique Anémo provides many opportunities to owners and non-owners to compete by offering half-board and leases on competition horses. Partaking in competitions from the provincial to the international level, the centre allows its students to attain their full potential and to achieve their goals.