“Maude was able to convey a life lesson by showing that nothing is all good or all bad, that there are lessons to be found in each journey.”

– Marie-Claude Lacombe, mère de Marianne Emond cavalière au sein de l’équipe pendant 8 ans


Centre Hippique Anémo offers teaching services to athletes competing on the Quebec and Ontario show circuits as well as at several American events. Our service offert is inclusive to all levels of athletes aspiring to perform with their equine partner.

  • Elaboration of a training plan for riders in sport concentrations and sport-studies programs.

  • Aspire to develop athletes respectful of the animal’s integrity, with positive sportsman and horseman.

  • Offer mentoring opportunities to coaches wishing to develop further their teaching aptitude, perfect their NCCP or in preparation of their next coaching certification.

  • Offer occasional support to fellow coaches in the development of their own athletes.

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